What’s striking is how concentrated Harrison’s playing is, not in the sense of sounding clotted or tonally congested but rather in seeming to come from an almost mystical understanding that transcends technique.
– The Wire (UK)

The Jackson Harrison Trio paints pictures of astonishing abstract art on its debut disc Land Tides, splashing fiery colors onto backgrounds that are often stark but always stunning.
– All About Jazz (USA)

…each note twinkles like a hot point in an unbounded sky
– Signal to Noise (USA)

Harrison has a gorgeous touch at the piano and an ability to combine intense lyricism with knotty interaction.
– Sydney Morning Herald

A very accomplished pianist, he plays with both beauty and vigour.
– Sydney Morning Herald

Harrison is an “idea-man,” who conveys remarkable maturity as each subsequent listen reveals subtle revelations.
– (Canada)

“Land Tides” is a rich album, full of nuances and mystery every step of the way.
– Gaz-eta (Poland)